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Title: Competing with a Ghost
Author: mysid
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Ralph, Laurie, and Andrew belong to Mary Renault.
Author's Note: Written for the [ profile] maryrenaultfics Halloween challenge: Ghosts don't always have the best timing. I thought in this case, any timing would be poor timing.

As he turned his key in lock, Ralph could hear Laurie's gramophone )
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I used to love the old Ellery Queen tv series, but I'd never read any Ellery Queen books until recently. (FYI: Ellery Queen was both the writers' pen name and the main character of a series of mystery novels written in the 40's through 70's.) I just read EQ's Calamity Town and discovered that the fictional town of Wrightsville contains characters named Pettigrew, Hermione, and Snuffles! Pettigrew and Hermione could be just coincidence, but once I read that one of the characters bore the nickname of Snuffles, well, I can only conclude that JKR read Calamity Town at some point.

Why did I read it? [ profile] lorie945 just wrote a wonderful fic,Wrightsville: Long Ago and Far Away, crossing Ellery Queen and The Charioteer by Mary Renault. It's a brilliant post-novel, post-war look at the main characters of The Charioteer, with a mystery twist thrown in. Lorie used as her setting the fictional town of Wrightsville, so I wanted to read the EQ novel in which the town makes its first appearance.

A snippet from Wrightsville: Long Ago and Far Away:

Ralph came around to help Laurie out of his seat, and in the darkness he softly said, "I believe we're now part of a great American tradition involving automobiles." Laurie lightly punched his shoulder and Ralph smiled. Then he stretched and said, "Good thing we did it now, I'm getting too old for much more of that."

"You keep speaking about your greatly-advanced age while behaving as if you're nineteen again," Laurie scolded laughingly.

"Ah, just an old married man now, you know."

I LOVE Ralph and Laurie!
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If you love (a) The Charioteer, (b) dogs, or (c) romantic slash, you must go read Good Boy by [ profile] trueriver. Everything she writes is wonderful, of course, but this one just struck me as one I should point my friends' list toward. You don't have to have read The Charioteer to enjoy this one--although it would certainly help.
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Since my first version of this story was a resounding dud, here is the new and improved version of A Gift of Understanding. My thanks to [ profile] westwardlee for encouraging the changes I made.

Title: A Gift of Understanding
Author: mysid
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All characters belong to J.K. Rowling. The book they discuss, The Charioteer, was written by Mary Renault.

Summary: By reading a book that Lily has given to Remus, Sirius gains a new insight into his friend. The story is set in the summer before Harry's fifth year, and in the September of Remus's seventh year.

A Gift of Understanding )

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Despite my crippling case of writer's block, I just wrote a new fic! Yea!

Over at [ profile] maryrenaultfics, we've been having a chapter by chapter discussion of The Charioteer, one of my favorite novels. Immersing myself in The Charioteer led to my writing a fic based on those characters. Don't bother reading this unless you're familiar with the novel.

If you haven't read The Charioteer yet, I highly recommend it (and just about everything else by Mary Renault!).

Reunion with Reg )
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Liver transplant-- My daughter finally asked about the green ribbon I'm wearing (and the matching magnetic one on my car). I explained (in simple terms) what organ donation/transplantation is. After asking if she would need a new liver, and hearing, "Yes, eventually you will," she said, "OK, can I have dessert now?" We meet with the liver transplant team for more info at the end of the month.

Alexander-- I really, really, really wanted to see the movie. I wanted to be free to drool over Hephaistion/Alexander/Bagoas in all their slashy goodness, and after my dh hated Troy, I didn't think he would apprciate sitting through this movie (especially after the bad reviews), so I made tentative plans to leave him at home and go to the movie with my neighbor. Unfortunately, her schedule and mine didn't coincide, so we kept putting it off another week. Finally, I decided to go alone--only to discover it had been pulled early from all the local movie theaters. I'm so disappointed.

The Charioteer-- This is my latest reading obsession. I simply cannot put this book down. If you aren't familiar with this Mary Renault title, it's the best of her contemporary-era fiction (set in WWII and written just after) and the last book she wrote before switching to writing historical fiction. It's been described by reviewers as, "The best book in the English language to come out of World War II," and "One of the three seminal books on homosexuality written in the 1950's."

To whet your appetite for more... )

Of course, there is something to be said for rereading a book multiple times; it took until my fourth or fifth reading to realize why Ralph grew a beard--and it wasn't just a plot device so Laurie wouldn't recognize him at Dunkirk.

The Charioteer has infected my brain so throughly, that I've actually started writing a HP/Charioteer crossover. I've made Laurie and Ralph (in their later years) neighbors of young Remus. I'm almost up to the first time they meet Sirius.
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For those of you wondering about my daughter's last trip to the hospital )

I've been on a real reading jag lately. The latest (read it yesterday) was The Charioteer by Mary Renault. (She's the author of The Persian Boy.) This book is unusual for Renault since it isn't set in Ancient Greece but in WWII England. Loved it! Hated to put it down! I happened to have to go out for about an hour just when I'd reached the point where the main character, Laurie Odell, has to choose between the two men he loves--the suspense until I could pick up the book again nearly killed me.

Chapter Two of The Charioteer is set during Laurie's boarding school years--when I read it, I immediately thought, "This is going to plot bunny an R/S story."

I got online last night and saw on [ profile] ballyharnon's lj a request for a drabble plot bunny. I sent her one based very loosely on the above chapter. She did write it--you MUST go read this.
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As many of you know, I love Mary Renault's books about Alexander the Great, so when I came across another title by her, The King Must Die, in a used bookstore, I thought, "Why not."

I'm so glad I did. This is the story of Theseus (of Theseus and the Minotaur fame), but as you've never read it before.
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