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While my family is at church, I'm at home "surfin' the internet" and discovering "must watch videos" like this one from The Thinking Atheist. (Fair warning: It's quite snarky in it's anti-religion commentary, but the evolution vs. creationism points are well presented.)

(And no, I don't spend the time my family is at church actively searching for atheist-themed videos; it's just coincidence--but a good one!)
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[personal profile] copperbadge posted that he hopes to check out the art at St.John Cantius in Chicago today, so I checked out their website. Under the heading "Marriage Guidelines" it said:

5. It is all too common in society today for many couples to live together before marriage for a variety of reasons. This arrangement is known as co-habitation. No reason for this arrangement known as co-habitation is acceptable or condoned by the Church. For individuals wishing to be married at St. John’s, we state that if you find yourself in the arrangement of co-habitation that you remove yourself from it as soon as possible. The priests and deacons at St. John Cantius will not witness marriages of couples who are living together before their wedding.

So...they don't want you to live together without being married, but if you are living together, they won't marry you. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't marrying the couple solve the whole "living together without being married" issue? If I were them, I'd be saying, "If you're living together but not married, hurry on down and we'll marry you up quick!"

What will they do if you have a baby before being married? "If you have a child out of wedlock, we state that you put the infant back in until the sacrament of marriage can be solemnized." And then they'll baptize the baby.
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I love the way a little wandering around on the internet can lead you to the most interesting things. This morning I came across a brief history of the name "Lucifer", and how Christians got it wrong--and how Joseph Smith, the "translator" of the Book of Mormon, got it even more wrong.

Lucifer--Where Did the Word Come From, and What is it's True Meaning?

(And on LJ, I even had an icon of Phosphorus and Hesperus!)


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