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[profile] delvalmom just posted a drabble entitled Mine, in which Brian displays the jealous side we all love so much. It inspired me to write:

Mine, but I'm Willing to Share )
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When I saw this t-shirt,"I Married My Stalker", there was only one person who came to mind, Bella Swan in Twilight. If you haven't read this "romantic" series aimed at teens, trust me, Edward is so Bella's stalker. And we're supposed to think it's a good thing that he watches her sleep, follows her wherever she goes, and longs to hear her thoughts. And yes, she does marry him eventually.

And does this t-shirt strike anyone else as naughty? I can imagine Justin wearing this while working at the diner. A tight version, of course.

But this I Heart Organ Transplants (with a real heart!) is the one I want!
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Did any other QaF fans notice that there is Czech snowboarder named Michal Novotny?

I only watched parts of the mens' figure skating last night, but I have to say I really liked Daisuke Takahashi's performance--and Evan Lysacek wasn't half bad either.

I read in the paper today that Johnny Weir decided at the last minute to stay in the secure athlete's village (after threats from PETA over some fox fur on a costume). Because it was the last minute, he was given a female roommate, U.S. ice dancer Tanith Belbin. "That pairing of divas delighted Weir and caused him to decorate their two-bedroom suite with pink shower curtains, Audrey Hepburn posters, and scented candles." Emmett would be proud.
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Today I was sitting with Hubby in church. (I don't usually attend--it's Hubby's thing, not mine--but Daughter was playing clarinet in church today.) As I listened to the ministers, I was reflecting on some of the changes since they came to work there and how much more welcoming the place is now rather then when the previous minister ruled (with an iron fist).

In one of those random moments that happen when fandom is always on the brain, I wondered what Brian and/or Justin would think of the place if they came with me for some reason. I glanced to my left at the stained glass window. Right at the top--a rainbow.

Oh--and while we're on the subject: in my preschool class are a pair of best friends. Names? Ben and Michael.
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Queer Eyes is in danger of closing if it doesn't get donations to cover hosting fees. If every QaF fan would chip in just a bit, we can keep the site open. I'd hate to see everything there vanish into the virtual trash bin in the sky.

Donating is easy. You can do it with PayPal (like I did) or a credit card. Just go to the Queer Eyes site, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the "Donate" button.
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I like AU's. I really do. Both the "let's just slightly change one element of the story" kind and the "we're not in Kansas anymore" complete change of reality kind. But I like to know what I'm getting into from the very beginning.

I've been reading a lot of QaF fanfic lately, so I'll be using that as my examples, but what I'm about to say hold true for any fandom: I can't stand it when a story seems to be slightly AU at the beginning, sucks me in, gets me many, many chapters into the story, and then takes me on a journey into Bizzaro World. I'm getting better at noticing the half-hidden Bizzaro World signposts and bailing out, but still...shouldn't I be warned up front?

For example, if a QaF story is labelled Brian/Justin, then Brian and Justin should be a couple--not merely a couple only until one or the other meets Gary Stu and discovers true true love. Or worse yet, meets a Mary Sue masquerading as a canon character, becomes straight, and falls in love. Or perhaps worst of all, Brian and Justin stay together, but become pod people "Stepford fags" who have Mary Sue children.

I can deal with characters being a little bit OOC, but I deserve fair warning if they are going to become statospherically OOC. Stories in which they start out as the first and then morph into the second are just not playing fair.
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And I didn't even know he was in! According to this article, "actor Gale Harold is out of intensive care at a Los Angeles hospital and improving daily after suffering serious injuries in a motorcycle accident" last week. Yikes.

I'll forgive the article for refering to him as "Desperate Housewives actor Gale Harold" since DH is undoubtedly the reason he rated a mention on the Comcast home page.
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I do this all the time: I'm reading a story, and something emotionally upsetting is about to happen (I know this because I've read the book before, or it's based on a story I already know, or just because the hints have been too obvious), and I just can't keep reading. I put the story aside, go do something else, pick up the story again and read a few more lines, have to put it down again. It can take me hours to read a few pages when I get like this.

Right now I'm rereading a QaF story, A Love That Will Never Grow Old by Bedeviled, and I'm up to the part in which Justin tells Brian that he's seeing someone else. I know that they'll get back together and that it will all work out in the end--I did mention that I'm rereading, right?--but I still can't get through it in one go. I'm here typing this to procrastinate before I dive back into the heartache.

Aggh--what a wuss. (Somebody please tell me I'm not the only one. Please?)
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My brother is getting married in a couple of weeks, and he and his fiancee need a song for their first dance. When I heard that he was still looking for one, I grabbed my iPod, selected the song "Save the Last Dance for Me," and said, "Listen to this one." He immediately decided that that was the song he wanted to use. (I didn't play for him The Drifters' version of the song, but rather the cover by Michael Buble. Give it a listen on iTunes; it's good!)

I didn't tell him that I consider the song "ridiculously romantic" or why I consider it so. Given my brother's fragile "uber-macho" self image, I don't think he'd appreciate knowing that I borrowed the song from Queer as Folk. It'll just be my little secret. Shhh!

In other--but closely related--news, one of the flowergirls just dropped out of the wedding. There were supposed to three flowergirls. (Yes, overkill, but what are you going to do?) One is my daughter, the groom's niece, and the other two are the daughters of the bride's two cousins. Here it is just two weeks before the wedding, and the mom of one of the flowergirls suddenly announces that she cannot allow her daughter to be "apart of the wedding." Why? Because the wedding isn't taking place in a church. She's afraid a secular wedding will warp her little seven-year-old's mind.

My sister-in-law-to-be told her cousin, "I'm disappointed, but I understand your position." I say, "Bitch."

And to make matters worse, the bitch-cousin was in charge of having the flowergirl dresses made. (She has a friend who is a seamstress.) For some reason, she never took care of that little detail, and now we're scrambling to find dresses for the girls to wear.
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OK, so I'm about to do something I usually avoid. I have a series of drabbles which add up to create a gapfiller--specifically, "How did Justin get Brian to take him home in Episode 107? (The infamous "pierced nipple" episode.) I usually avoid linked drabbles because if you can't tell it in just one drabble, you're probably cheating and writing a ficlet instead of a drabble.

So, I'm cheating. HOWEVER, I did make a sincere effort to make each drabble stand completely alone. Yes, they do add up to tell a story, but I hope you'll agree with me that each one tells a story of its own. (And each one is exactly 100 words!)

All of these were written for Written for QaF Drabbles. The prompt was to set the drabble at Woody's.


Pinch )

Balls )

But in a good way )

Tension )
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I wrote a drabble for qaf_drabbles, and I thought I'd post it here too.

Title: Just Shoes
Author: mysid
Timline: post-the post-513 reunion
Prompt: leather

Justin carefully held the palette far enough to one side that he wouldn't get paint either on himself or on Brian while they kissed hello. He didn't account for the palette knife slipping off and hitting the floor with a clatter.

"Oh shit! I'm really sorry," Justin said as he dropped down on one knee to wipe the spatter of bright blue off Brian's Prada loafers. The paint wiped off the highly polished leather with ease, but the stitching threatened to become a permanent cerulean accent.

"Don't worry about it. They're just shoes. But as long as you're down thereā€¦."
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While sitting on an airplane during my recent trip to sunny Florida, I found myself scribbling a little Queer as Folk ficlet.

Title: Gus's Family Portrait
Author: mysid
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Gus and his family are characters from Queer as Folk:USA, and belong to Cowlip Productions.

Gus's Family Portrait )

I've also begun a little Gus and Hunter ficlet. Stay tuned...
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Not one to do something halfway when I can go overboard instead, I have of late become completely obsessed with Queer as Folk. I haven't posted anything in ages because all my computer time has been spent either watching episodes or reading fanfic. (Thanks again for the recs, [ profile] secretsolitaire!)

Brian and Justin are simply the hottest couple to ever grace our television screens. Male on male sex with storylines--in other words, porn for women. Wow.

I was watching a clip on YouTube the other day--something tame as my daughter (age 7) was in the room, and she happened to glance at the computer screen just as Brian kissed Justin.

"Did those two boys just kiss?" she asked.
"Yes," I replied.
"They're in love," I said.
"That's creepy." (Creepy is her current word for anything unusual or strange.)

Now, this reaction surprised me, as she's grown up with a lesbian couple next door, is friends with their daughter, and thinks of her friend's moms as just as married and "ordinary" as my husband and I. So I asked her about her reaction pointing out that J. and A. were both women, and she knew that was normal.

"Girls in love with girls is OK, and girls in love with boys is OK, but boys in love with boys is creepy."
"Because to be in love, someone has to be romantic, and boys aren't romantic; girls are romantic."

Huh. Well, I counterd that boys can be romantic, and offered as proof a clip on YouTube of Brian and Justin at Justin's prom. I stopped the clip before the bashing, but not wanting to completely gloss over how bad homophobia can be, I told her in general terms why I was stopping the clip where I did.

The final result, she's still not sold on boy+boy being as sensible as girl+girl or boy+girl, but it's only a little bit "creepy."


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