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If you've ever told Swiper, "Swiper, no swiping!" you MUST watch this "movie trailer" for an action-packed, live-action, Dora the Explorer movie:

It cracked me up, big time.
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I just read about a four-year-old girl, McKenna May, who has spent half her life battling leukemia. The Make-A-Wish Foundation offered to fund her wish, a trip to Disney World. Unfortunately, they can only pay for the trip if both parents agree, and her idiot father didn't. He said that she wasn't "sick enough" to deserve it, despite the fact that she's gone though hell for the past two years and is still not in the clear. (One copy of the story here.)

Rather than tell McKenna what a dickwad her father is, they told her that the trip was just a little "delayed", and then her family and friends started fundraising so McKenna's mom could take her. (McKenna's parents aren't married.)

The story went viral--today apparently--and they've already exceded their fundraising goal. YAY! (The fundraising page is here.)
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With all the talk in the media lately about a certain actor who shall remain nameless [*cough-TomCruise-cough*], his controlling behavior toward his soon-to-be-ex-beard-wife, and his whack-job religious beliefs, I reflected on the fact that I've had zero interest in watching any of his movies in a very long time. (I would however, probably watch Risky Business if I should happen across it on cable TV.)

I started to wonder, how much is my disinterest in watching anything recent with that person or several others (John Travolta, Mel Gibson, Jon Voight, Kirk Cameron, etc.) created by my dislike of their beliefs and actions due to those beliefs?

So let me ask you, if you were to learn that an actor had said or done something you considered racist, homophobic, or bigoted in any way, or if you were to learn that he/she belonged to a religion that you have serious issues with because of it's actions, or perhaps he/she was throwing his/her support behind a politician who you felt was serious trouble, to what extent would that effect your desire to watch that actor?

Would you still enjoy watching him/her as an actor, or would you be unable to separate your dislike of the actor from the character he/she plays?

Would you decide whether to go see his/her latest movie based solely on whether it looks like a film you'd enjoy, or would you be reluctant to to go see his/her new movies because you don't want to contribute to box office totals and thus indirectly fund actions that you find bigoted, hateful, or harmful?

Would you be willing to watch old reruns of his/her movies or tv shows, but be unwilling to go see his/her new movies for the reason above?

Presumably, it might all depend upon how severe the harmful/hurtful things he/she has done are. So how bad would he/she have to be before it effects how you regard him/her?
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Is it just me, or is the name "Renesmee"--the name of the vampire baby in Twilight--one of the most hideous names ever bestowed on a baby girl? I think it's supposed to be a mash-up or Renee and Esme, but I can't seem to pronounce it any way other than "Renee-Smee", calling to mind images of a fat pirate in a striped shirt.


Perhaps Bella gave her daughter such a horrible name in revenge for her difficult birth. After all, having your spine broken during labor and then being bitten and ripped open probably doesn't leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy about your fanged offspring. "Let's name her Renee-Smee! Mwahahaha!"

So, I'm going to give Bella pass on this one. Usually when I hear an atrocious name, I think, "Those parents deserved to be slapped for doing that to their kid." But given the bloody slasher movie scene that was this kid's birth, I think Bella's been punished enough by her own baby.

We should probably still stake Bella for being an insipid, weak, pathetic excuse for a book/movie "heroine". And let's do Edward while we're at it, because, "He's a creepy manipulative controlling overprotective stalker".

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Sister Wives is an American reality TV program about a Mormon* polygamist family consisting of 1 husband, 4 wives, and a whole passel of children. I don't watch it regularly, but I've caught an episode here and there.

Here's why I have the warm fuzzies for the family right now )
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Watched Criminal Minds tonight:

JJ was fierce! She kicked butt--literally! Threaten to kill her kid, and she'll tear you apart! And then she got to be a beautiful bride, d'aww.

And Prentiss defused the bomb--using the powers of her mind! No way was she leaving JJ's partner to blow up, not her.

The women of Criminal Minds were on the awesome list tonight! (Garcia is always awesome, goes without saying.)
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As I may have mentioned before, both of my daughters have been involved in Girl Scouts, but I refused to allow my son to join the Boy Scouts. He asked to join once, but I had to refuse due the anti-gay membership policy of the Boy Scouts of the USA. (I was scrambling to find an alternative for him when I realized that if they didn't have a cookie sale like the Girl Scouts, he wasn't interested anyway.)

Now I have even more reason to be proud of the inclusiveness of the Girl Scouts. A troop recently allowed a transgender child to join. Idiots are, of course, calling for a boycott of the upcoming annual cookie sale. Supporters of inclusiveness are using this as an excuse to buy more cookies!

Here's a link to the CNN story.
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You may not be able to access this video (it's on Comcast), but if you can, it's worth watching. Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report eulogizes Steve Jobs as only he can.

The video clip here.
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One of the communities in the LJ spotlight this week is [profile] ringer_tv, a community of fans for the new tv series, Ringer. The show has only aired one? episode so far, so I find it hard to believe it's such a thriving community that it caught the attention of the powers that be at LJ. I'd almost find it hard to believe that it already has such an active fandom that it needs a community--a "community" invented by the show's PR department seems more likely--except that it does star Sarah Michelle Gellar, so it may have had a ready made fan base.

But still, this brand new community for a brand new tv show really merited a place in the LJ spotlight already? It sounds like LJ got a pay off by the Ringer PR department.
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How Bachmann Lost a Young Conservative
by Michael Smerconish, Philadelphia Inquirer Columnist

Michele Bachmann, meet Ben Haney.

In other circumstances, Ben could have been a real asset to your campaign. He's a 28-year-old Republican with experience as a traveling advance man for John McCain and Sarah Palin in 2008. Ben was born and raised in the critically important suburbs of Philadelphia. Having taught government at a high school, Ben now runs his own real estate investment company and co-owns a bar in Old City. In fact, one of his business partners is Rob McElhenney, star and creator of the TV show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Read more... )

Ben also has a political observation he wishes to share. Signing a pledge that says he and others chose their sexuality, your husband's equating homosexuals with barbarians, and attempts to pray out of one's sexual preference are shortsighted and show your naivete about winning the presidency.

Such beliefs may win you the votes for the Republican nomination, but they all but guarantee that you will not win the moderate voters who continually decide presidential elections. To them and most of the nation, your positions are out of touch, insulting, and downright flaky.

Original can be read here.
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I turned on the TV last night right in the middle of a game show I'd never seen before, and I kept it on long enough to get the gist of it. I wish I hadn't.

A woman in her pajamas and a big, burly pro wrestler game show host were standing in a driveway. Behind them was a car about to be towed. He was asking her trivia questions. I laughed when she didn't know the name of the Shakespeare play that character "Lady Macbeth" was in. But then, because she'd missed that question and some preceding ones, he towed the car away.

"OK," I thought. "Maybe she was trying to win the car but failed." Then I learned the title of show, Repo Games, and I started to get a very bad feeling.

Yes, they were repossessing people's cars and making a game out of it. )

I can understand that sometimes people fall behind in paying for things that they've purchased, and that the lender has a right to repossess items like cars when they haven't been paid. As much sympathy as I have for the borrower on hard times, I have equal sympathy for the person who made a loan in good faith but who hasn't been paid back. And it's got to be a difficult job to be the person sent to repossess the item.

But this... Making a game out of it? Making people's unhappiness into entertainment? Sick.

What's next TV? Running Man?
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Hubby's watching TV and doing his usual thing-- flipping channels-- while I do my usual thing-- read fanfic on my laptop. He flipped the channel to an old Reese Witherspoon movie, Overnight Delivery just as the guy asleep on Reese's shoulder murmurs, "I love you, Ken," pissing her off and causing her to wake him not so gently. I got a smile out of it.

A few minutes more into the scene, however, it becomes clear that he had said "Kim", not "Ken". (Reese's character is named Ivy, hence her annoyance.) Oh well. No slash here; back to reading fanfic.

But wait! Is that a rainbow decoration hanging from the rear-view mirror of his jeep? And is his jeep lavender? Maybe he did murmur "Ken" in his sleep after all.
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From a news story about Hurricane Earl sideswiping the Outer Banks of NC:

Some 35,000 visitors and residents on the Outer Banks been urged to leave the dangerously exposed islands at the storm closed in, but hundreds of hardy souls chose to wait it out in their boarded-up homes.

I guess "hardy souls" is now a synonym for "idiots".
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Sam Starbuck (aka [ profile] copperbadge, aka [ profile] sam_storyteller) has won Completely Novel's award for Best Unpublished Author Blog! See the official list of winners here.
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All week I've been looking forward to seeing John Barrowman on Desperate Housewives tonight. I actually remembered to watch, and he was barely on. Two scenes--two short scenes--and that was it.

But I must say that I liked his scenes with coffee shop guy. They defintely seemed to be flirting with one another--despite the fact that Barrowman's character was supposedly straight.
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I just read that John Barrowman--ohmygod he's so hot--filmed two episodes of Desperate Housewives. Apparently, I missed the airing of the first one, but the other episode will air on April 18th. Must watch! Must watch! I haven't watched since they wrote out Gale Harold, but I'm definitely watching on the 18th.
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The utterly amazing [ profile] copperbadge, alias [ profile] sam_storyteller, alias Sam Starbuck has just posted the fifth and final chapter of a fabulous S1 Torchwood fic, Condition of Release. If you miss Jack/Ianto--and even if you don't--you must go read. Like everything Sam writes, it's mind-blowingly good.

And while you're at it, pop over to Completely Novel, where Sam has made the short list for the Author Blog Awards. He shares the list with some rather illustrious competition (Neil Gaiman, anyone?), and WE WANT HIM TO WIN! So go! VOTE for Sam Starbuck's blog, [ profile] copperbadge. You'll have to join to vote, but it's free.
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I know some members of my f-list adored Steve Valentine when he was on Crossing Jordan. You'll be happy to know he's landed on his feet in a series on Nickelodeon, a show called I'm With the Band. He plays the lead singer of a band called "Iron Weasel".

Ricky Martin has finally come out. Duh--big surprise. If the steamy scenes frolicing on the beach with his "trainer" didn't cinch it, his becoming a single daddy via a surrogate mom was a pretty big clue.
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Did any other QaF fans notice that there is Czech snowboarder named Michal Novotny?

I only watched parts of the mens' figure skating last night, but I have to say I really liked Daisuke Takahashi's performance--and Evan Lysacek wasn't half bad either.

I read in the paper today that Johnny Weir decided at the last minute to stay in the secure athlete's village (after threats from PETA over some fox fur on a costume). Because it was the last minute, he was given a female roommate, U.S. ice dancer Tanith Belbin. "That pairing of divas delighted Weir and caused him to decorate their two-bedroom suite with pink shower curtains, Audrey Hepburn posters, and scented candles." Emmett would be proud.


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