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True confession time: I'm married to a Republican. Shocking, I know, but he does have some good qualities.

I mention it because today he received a letter from Mitt Romney. I begins, "I am running for President of the United States, and because you are one of America's most notable Republicans, I want to personally let you know why." (Emphasis mine.)

Now what, you may ask, has my husband done to make him so "notable", and in fact "one of America's most notable Republicans"? Well, he's registered Republican, and he almost always votes in primaries and general elections. That's it. He's never held public office, never made political contributions, never even appeared on Fox News. Wow. Way to set the bar high, Mitt.

Does his campaign staff really think that such obvious ass-kissing is really the way to soften someone up before asking for a contribution? That's insulting the intelligence of everyone who got the letter.

Oh, and if you are wondering what Mitt reveals about his reasons for running for Pres, the two he put in bold type are: "I am sick and tired of BIG GOVERNMENT," and "I am running for president to bring true and lasing fiscal discipline to Washington." Since his version of "fiscal discipline" in the private sector was to fire people and ship jobs overseas, I'm not too enthused with the possibility of how he'll do it to the whole country.
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